Seminar and PhD Proficiency

MM598 Seminar Course

Presentations of the MM598 Seminar course are carried out according to the schedule that is announced by the Department Administration.

Each graduate student has 25 minutes of the presentation and questions & answers section.

All students registered to this course have to participate all of the presentations and act according to the schedule rules. 

Each student should bring and put the hand-outs of his/her Seminary Abstract to the postal boxes of all academic staff until Wednesday of the presentation week.


PhD Proficiency Exam


The aim of these exams is specify whether the student has the basic mechanical engineering knowledge at a level of succeeding in a PhD study, whether he/she is at an enough level of scientific maturity and ready to conduct a research at a PhD level.

For this purpose, these exams include basic courses of undergraduate and graduate programs and specific subjects of PhD research.

These exams are carried out in 3 stages:

  1. Undergraduate level written exam,
  2. Graduate level written exam,
  3. Oral exam including the subjects of undergraduate and graduate courses.

For a student to be regarded as succesful, he/she has to acquire minimum 75 points as an average of each level exam. Students should be succesful at both of the written exams in order to attend the oral exam.

A student who fails at the exam for his/her first time, he/she will be exempt from his/her succesful written exams for the second time.



  • The subjects given below are included at the undergraduate exam:
    • THERMO GROUP: Thermodynamics I-II, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics (ME215E, ME216E).
    • MECHANICS GROUP: Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Mathematics (ME215E, ME216E).
  • In the graduate level written exam, the candidate must choose one of the compulsory mathematics courses given below and three courses from the Department at the doctoral level. He will take the exam from a total of four courses. The supervisor may select at most one course from the instructor.
  • Compulsory Mathematics Courses


    Mühendislikte İleri Sayısal Metotlar



    Makine Mühendisliğinde Analitik Yöntemler



The student determines the graduate courses that he / she will take the written exam together with his / her advisor and completes
the QUALIFY COURSE SELECTION FORM 4 and informs the Department Head in writing at the beginning of the semester.

Each written exam is held in two sessions: morning and noon.

Regulations of Master and Ph.D 

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