Admission Criteria



Department Master Doctorate Post Bachelor's Doctoral degree



Mechanical Engineering




F. Language≥50

F. Language≥60

F. Language≥80

Undergraduate Grade Point Avg.≥2,2

Undergraduate Grade Point Avg.≥2,2 Master Grade Point Avg.≥3,0

Undergraduate Grade Point Avg.≥3,5

Referans Letters not Required

Referans Letters Required 

Referans Letters Required (2 Copies)

Letter of Intent not Required

Letter of Intent Required

Letter of Intent Required


* With the requirement of certified, minimum passing score not required. F. Language: UDS, KPDS, YDS, e- YDS, YOKDİL or TOELF (UDS equivalence)


At least C1 level TOMER document indicating that the student is successful in Turkish, indicating at least C1 grade level certificate (Ordinance 10/2: Foreign students who have completed the graduate / undergraduate graduate education in Turkey and foreign students who have completed their undergraduate / Turkish proficiency certificate is not required from the candidates who will apply to the programs.)


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