Undergraduate Double Major Program

Depending on the Gazi University Undergraduate Education and Testing Regulations, students who are succesfully continuing their main branch undergraduate program might obtain a second diploma at a different undergraduate program. Double Major Program means an educational program providing the student to get a second diploma from another undergraduate program which is technically close to his/her own main branch.


1. Double Major Program

  • The credit of the second program cannot be less than the one third of the credit of graduation of the Department.
  • Whatever the required credit of graduation is, the lower limit is 36 credits. The courses that are to be enrolled at the double major program are the ones that are not common for the programs.
  • Student quotas for the Double Branch Second Undergraduate Program are specified bt the Senate, provided that is between 5%-20% of the number of students that are registered that year by the Department.


2. Application to the Program

  • Undergraduate students might apply for the Double Major Program not earlier than 3rd, not later that 5th semester. Their cumulative GPA should not be less than 3.50 at the beginning of the 3rd semester, 3.25 at the beginning of 4th semester and 3.00 at the beginning of the 5th semester.
  • A supervisor is specified among the academicians by the Department Administration and he is consulted at the following subjects: specification of the courses to be enrolled at the double major program, helping the students during the planning of these enrollments, to provide the program is carried out appropriately. 


3. Program Duration

Two semesters additional time is given to the students who has completed his/her main branch program and obtained his graduation but not the double major program.


4. Course Accomplishment Principles

Student should get a CC grade in order to be regarded as passed from the courses of double branch second program.


5. Breaking off the Program

  • A student has the right to leave the Double Branch second program whenever he/she wishes.
  • Student is removed from the double branch program by the decision of Administration Board when he/she does not satisfy any of the related conditions of the Regulation.
  • Student's enrolment at the double branch program is cancelled if he/she does not register at any course for 2 consecutive semesters.
  • Students whose enrolment are canceled for any reason, can not apply for these programa second time.
  • Student is removed from the double branch program if his/her cumGPA of his main branch falls below 2.50.
  • Students achieve both main branch diploma and double branch diploma if they complete both of his programs.





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