MM423 Course Seminars

According to the Department Administration Board decisions (dated 27th July 2015) a series of seminars will be organized under the title of MM423 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS I course, including the following topics: 

(A) Project management, risk management, applications of change management in professional life,

(B) Entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development, and their applications in professional life,

(C) Impact of engineering applications on the international and national health, environment and security, 

(D) Professional ethics and responsibilities, legal consequences of engineering solutions.


The grade of MM423 course will include the impact of the project report and EPE (Engineering Proficiency Exam) score. It is obligatory for the students registered to this course to participate the seminars. Students unattended tow or more seminars will fail this course automatically.

The grade of MM423 course will include 75% of the project report evaluation and 25% of the EPE score.


MM423 Mechanical Engineering Application I course Supervisor Selection Forms and Project Report Templates can be accessed at Forms/Documents link


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