Talk on Additive Manufaturing and 3D Metal Printing Technologies with Insstek-인스텍
24 Mayıs 2016 11:07

This event was open to our students, students from other universities, faculty/other universities academic staff members and industrial partners who are interested in the subject. 

24th May 2016 Tuesday 14.00 -16.00
Academia Hall, ground floor, Gazi Univeristy Faculty of Engineering, Maltepe ANKARA

Leading Company in AM(Additive Manufacturing)
Since 2001

In consequence of successful development of metal 3D printing technology for complex geometries in 1999, InssTek Inc. has been a leading company and a front-runner in AM(Additive Manufacturing) industry since it was established with the solid purpose of continuous developing and commercializing the DMT metal 3D printing technology in 2001.

DMT metal 3D printing technology should facilitate to create functional and complex metal 3D parts and outgrowths by using high powered laser, and metal powders is capacitated
with becoming commercial, owing to it. In accordance with the standard and criteria of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), DMT technology would be classified as Directed Energy Deposition.
It provides a multitude of new technical solutions for our customers. InssTek offers all sorts of components affiliated and involved in the metal 3D printing process, from DMT metal printing process and MX-OS to Magics for InssTek software.
Furthermore, we always struggle to complement needs of growing customers by proposing integrated service system as well as preliminary optimum engineering solutions.