Graduate Program

In our Department, graduate program includes Master of Science (MSci) and Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) education. To accomplish these programs, students should succed in 7 courses, one Seminary for MS program, or Proficiency exams for PhD program and complete a Thesis. Student enrolls to the courses according to his/her supervisor's decions and rules specified by the Department.

Our Vision

Gazi University continues to be a leading establishment through the alike establishments which give an education at an international level, fulfill research and achieve information, serving the society and mankind by its publishments, emphasizing the technologic development parallel to the national demands.

Genuine Task (Our Mission)

By providing graduate and professional education at an internation level, to train up and guide Mechanical engineers with Master of Science and/or Doctorate Degrees, who are creative enough to participate manufacturing, application and Research Development studies in industrial enterprises and research institutes successfully; have a systematic point of view at solving problems, are suitable for team works, environmentally-conscious, social, having economical and professional ethic consciousness and responsibility, owning leading characteristics; and producing solutions to the national industry problems by making research which provides information and technology development at an international level.

Requirements for Application

All criteria for the program applications are specified in the webpage of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Program Application Criteria related webpage >> (in Turkish)



Master of Science


PhD After Undergraduate Program

Mechanical Engineering




Foeign Language ≥ 50

Foeign Language ≥60

Foeign Language ≥80

cumulative GPA ≥ 2,2

cumulative GPA ≥   2,2
MSci GPA ≥ 3,0

cumulative GPA ≥3,5

Reference letters: 2

Reference letters: 2

Reference letters: 2

Letter of intent: none

Letter of intent: 1

Letter of intent: 1


ALES: Academic Graduate Education Exam. Is conducted in Turkey by YOK (Higher Education Council) twice a year, in November and May. It is graded over 100 points.

Foreign language: grade achived from one of the exams listed below:

  • ÜDS, KPDS: Is conducted in Turkey by YOK (Higher Education Council) twice a year, in November and May.

cumulative GPA: of the undergraduate program that is accomplished by the applicant


Application process is clearly stated in the announcements of the Institute.

Applications are open for two times a year, between specified dates, which are announced at the webpage of Institute.

Applicants should follow the announcements of the Institute daily during the application periods.

Applications are primarily made online. Following the online applications, related documents should be completed and submitted to the Graduate School Student Affairs Office.

All information regarding our graduate program can be accessed from our website.

Main website of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences >>

Application Criteria List for OTHER Programs of OTHER Departments >> (in Turkish)


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