The undergraduate program Department of Mechanical Engineering; together with the programs of the Departments of Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering have been accredited by MUDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs) until the date 30 September 2020.

İlgili duyuru ve liste için / related notice and the list of accredited programs:


The EUR-ACE® framework and accreditation system provides a set of standards that identifies high quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad.

What are the benefits of EUR-ACE®?
The EUR-ACE® system is internationally recognized and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

Benefits for students & engineering graduates
*Assurance that the EUR-ACE®labelled programme meets high European and international standards and is recognized by employers in Europe
*Facilitates application to EUR-ACE® Master and doctoral programmes in other Higher Education Institutions
*In countries where the engineering profession is regulated, EUR-ACE®labelled programmes meet the educational requirements for becoming a Registered or chartered engineer.
*The EUR-ACE® label facilitates graduate mobility as promoted by the EU Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualification.
**The EUR-ACE® label is the educational standard for the professional card as promoted by FEANI.
FEANI automatically includes EUR-ACE® labelled programmes in its Index which lists educational requirements for the Eur Ing title.



Including our Accreditation preparations, a meeting with our Alumni is organized in September 2002, with the support of Mechanical Engineers Chamber.

138 of our graduates and department academic staff attended the meeting. These meetings are organized in 2007 and 2009 too.

For the purpose of program output aveluation, every graduated student filled out a "Alumni Questionnaire".

Also "Course Evaluation Poll" is used for rating the program putputs, which is filled by all students at the end of the semester.

Studies are implemented by Department Accreditation Commission to specify the mission of Primary and Secondary Education groups and evaluate them periodically and taking the ideas of shareholders into account, "Quality Assurance Manual" is prepared for Gazi University Faculty of Engineering & Architecture Mechanical Engineering programs.

To assure the operational safety in our Laboratories, necessary precautions are taken and warning signs and inscriptions are prepared.

Furthermore, Operation Safety Guide is prepared and given to Laboratory technicians for checking and adjusting. General Safety posters are printed and hanged to each Laboratory for the students to easily read.

Participation of our academic staff to national and international conferences for their academic development is supported utmost by our Faculty budget facilites.

"National and international Conference attendance expense" is prompted to be added to expenditure items of BAP (Scientific Research Projects), DPT (State Planning Organization) and TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turky) supported projects and this item is added to a lot of projects. With these support, considerable number of academic staff took the opportunity of participating scientific meetings organized abroad. Additionally, our academicians had chance to visit the universities abroad, by means of "Erasmus Teaching Programme". With the same program, academicians also visited our department and lectured our students.

"Student Conversation Meetings" are organized each year at the beginnings of the semester, with the participation of 150-200 students (primary and secondary groups together) to provide the idea transfer from students to academic staff and directors about the education and faculty.

"LLP (Lifetime Learning Program) Erasmus Student and Academician Transfers" which is one of the vital mechanisms of programs to provide student mobility, is conducted by Mechanical Engineering programs since 2003.

Bilateral Agreements are signed with universities of various EU countries to construct the student transfers through this program. Additionally number of universities for transfers is increased within the scope of "Campus Europae", of which our university is a member. Different from Erasmus scope, "Campus Europae" provides the student one whole year to study abroad.

Another realtionship of our deprtment with the universities abroad is "PhD Thesis Studies with Foreign Co-supervisor".

To maintain long and continuous collaboration with the universities abroad, "PhD Thesis studies with common supervisor" is conducted with The University of Sheffield, England.