MM424 Graduation Projects

Purposes of "MM424 Mechanical Engineering Applications II"

  • The courses MM423 and MM424 Mechanical Engineering Applications I-II which have an important role at the course plan is prepared by students either themselves or group work.
  • The aim of this Project is to provide the students an opportunity to experience all stages of design at engineering problems, to develop the students' creativities and their team work consciousness, help them to develop themselves professionally and ethically and to gain experience at oral and written presentations.
  • Mechanical Engineering Applications projects are specified at the first 3 weeks of each semester by considering the students prefereneces.In the case of group studies, students from other departments may be included at the project.
  • Projects should include more synthesis than analysis and the studies which develop students' creativity capabilities.
  • Beginning the project, project name, its purpose, definitions of the studies and its stages, number of the students at the team and their job-sharing shoul be explained. After all the projects arespecified, Department Administration announces them.
  • At the end of each semester during the project preparation, mid-presentations are made in which project developments are discussed and presented and each student in the team are considered responsible for that.
  • The evaluation of the project is made by the supervisor, based on both individual and team performances.
  • Three copies of the final report of the project (MM424) is submitted to the supervisor. Supervisor decides whether the project is worth to be examined at the jury or not.
  • The exam of the projects which are decided to be qualified is made by a jury, formed by Department, open to all students and academic staff. Mechanical Engineers Chamber and industry representatived might be added to jury if necessary. The student who will present the project is selected by the jury.
  • Project presentations must not exceed 20 minutes and it is followed by a 10-minute question section. Chairman is responsible for the beginning, appropriately continuing and finalizing the examination session.
  • It is included the Chairman's authority to allow the questions other from jury, considering the time, question and the inquirer.
  • The final  grade is evaluated by the supervisor according to the performance of the student along the year (40%), written report (20%) and the result of the oral examination together with jury (40%). The grades are announced by the Department. The department might demand a re-evaluation of the supervisor for the sake of the results when necessary.

MM423 Mechanical Engineering Application I course Supervisor Selection Forms and Project Report Templates can be accessed at Forms/Documents link

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